Data Hotels, Carrier Hotels or Teleco Hotels

A New Hybrid Typology for the future of Telecommunication Buildings

by Yorgos Tzirtzilakis

1. The last years the OTE Building in Chania became vacant… With offices empty, the building seemed as "a modern ghost building." What will become in the future? We can imagine, or suppose -and with whom conditions- his transformation in a type of Mediterranean Data Hotel (related to Middle East)?

What is a Data, or Carrier Hotel?: “Within cities, lines concentrate in carrier “hotels,” otherwise known as telco or "telecom hotels". The history of the carrier hotel at the One Wilshire tower in Los Angeles is an example of the current system. One Wilshire is a hotel, a teleco, or data hotel, functioning as communications hub for the Western US and leasing space to over 260 telecom related companies. One Wilshire embodies the invisible physical spatiality supporting the virtual space of telecommunications and networking. As corporations eager to take advantage of high data bandwidth move into or near the tower, over a dozen nearby buildings have been converted to teleco hotels, reviving the real estate market in southwest downtown. But the fiber leading out of One Wilshire remains invisible” (Kazys Varnelis)

One Wilshire, Photo Dave Bullock-Wired
One Wilshire Data Center

The Gospel of Judas. Download here

2. Three symbolic buildings of OTE in Greece. OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization) was founded on 23 October 1949.

O.T.E. Tower, 102-104, 3th Septemvriou Street, Athens
OTE Tower in the 3th Septemvriou Street

OTE tower, Thessaloniki
OTE Tower in Thessaloniki

OTE main building, Athens
OTE Central Building in Kifissias Avenue, Athens

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