8 groups presented their work during the mid-Presentation of kamworkshop2010 that took place on Sunday 22/8 in CAM, Chania. E.Baraona Pohl, A.Balestrero, D.Isaias, E.Karanastasi, N.Patsavos, G.Panetsos and A.Rodi were the commentators and gave a positive feedback to the participants trying also to handle with the challenging context of the workshops theme: "the Bankruptcy of Architecture".

Ethel_Baraona wrote on this: So, after the mid-presentations that where mostly focused in terms like "public space" "materials re-use" and "mobility" among others, it's a good task to take a moment to read Love's reflections on this issue. As he said: For this framework to flourish, design speculation will need to focus on the cultural and social implications of re-imagined building types and potential urbanisms rather than on their economic and functional performance. D.Isaias: during the presentations also suggested that flexibility is not only a technical issue but an institutional one, as well. G.Panetsos asked the same question in a more direct manner: Who is paying for free public space and its maintenance.

The commentators' reality check of the projects is an opportunity for the working groups to reconceptualise their strategies in order to create more solid design-narratives. We are anticipating the final presentation that will take place on the 26th of August.

For now visit the flickr set by A.Balestrero who documented the mid-presentation and stay tuned with kamworkshops tweets.

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