Sign System for a Temporary Museum

Experimental JetSet:
To underline the temporary, interim character of the location, we decided to compose the sign system entirely of so-called 'document holders': hard plastic, transparent A4 cases. This proved to be a very easy and practical system. We would print out the A4s ourselves, and just fill the holders with them.
Added to these more pragmatic reasons, the bureaucratic aesthetic of the document holders also referred perfectly to the old function of the location (post office). Furthermore, this signage system was a way to channel our fascination for standardised formats (such as the A4 format) and modular systems. We also liked the fact that the document holder is such a common element at exhibitions. For our sign system, we took this common element, and we exaggerated it by blowing it up to absurd proportions: we used 2000 of these plastic A4 holders in the whole building.

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